What we do

How does b-tourism work?

The starting point of our work is always our clients. Although we talk about so-called megatrends and global problems,

the solutions must always be tailored to individual problem situations. Each process is therefore individually adapted to our clients’ needs, but there are some core elements that take place in all our processes:

Kick off talk:

You talk and we listen. What do you want to change? Who would you like to involve in this process? Or you can start a creative workshop together with us to help you recognize and formulate your own challenges.


Participation as the fundament of coolaboration

No matter what we do, our work is always based on the integration of various target groups. For more than ten years, we have been developing innovative online survey tools designed to reach local, regional and supra-regional target groups. Together with you, we can develop the appropriate strategy to reach your target group, design the appropriate survey method, evaluate the results focusing on your needs and incorporate them into our further cooperation.

Use the experiences of your guests and the expectations of your future clients

What do your guests think about your offers? What do they expect in the future and where do they see a need for improvement?


 Use the knowledge of the local people

What do the residents of your destination think about tourism? Where do they see problems, what are their benefits and how do the local people picture an ideal tourism that does not lead to more conflicts but results in a valuable experience for everyone involved?


 Involve the local people in order to make tourism socially acceptable and sustainable in the long run.


 Involve local and regional companies and service providers

Get local support. The purchase of local products and services improves the ecological balance and the profile of your destination. But certainly, there are more ways in which you, your guests and regional companies can benefit from cooperation. Recognize the hidden potentials of the regional businesses and make them available to your guests.


Creating sustainable concepts for success

With the information received, we work together with you to develop concepts that incorporate the various expectations as comprehensively as possible. Our cooperation will thus facilitate long-term successful tourism development in the destinations

b-tourism has the comprehensive expertise for your specific solutions.