Our Services for Companies:





Creating a mission statement for sustainable development:

  • What is the framework for a company to act ecologically and socially responsible?
  • What short-term and long-term goals can be defined?
  • What message should be conveyed to the guests?
  • How can employees identify with the mission statement?                                                                                                           

b-tourism helps to find answers to these questions and helps to create the basis for processes of continuous improvement.



Putting the mission statement into practice:


Implementation of the measures into the operational work processes:

A commitment to sustainable development will be successful in the long term only if it is gradually incorporated into the various work processes and thus becomes a natural part of a corporate culture.


b-tourism designs an action plan based on the mission statement which covers all aspects of sustainability and takes into account the individual characteristics of each company.



Involvement of the employees:

Involving the employees is essential for a successful implementation of the mission statement. They know best about the internal processes and room for improvement, and they are the ones to integrate the measures into their daily work routine and execute them as efficiently as possible.


b-tourism designs participation processes to enable access to the employees’ knowledge and to define their role in the sustainable development of their company.



Transparency for guests:

Guests have to be able to feel and believe in the companies’ commitment to sustainability. They want their stay to have a positive influence without having to accept restrictions.


b-tourism develops information and communication strategies to help guests understand the process of continuous improvement and thus avoids the danger of green-washing.