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In global, national and regional competition, only those destinations and companies

will be successful who anticipate social trends and the resulting changes in demand behavior. It is vital for both companies and destinations to provide serious, authentic, and viable answers with their offers.


b-tourism helps you recognize these changes and cooperates with you to develop serious, sustainable and profitable concepts.


Sustainability as a precondition for a successful tourism industry

People are increasingly interested in minimizing the negative effects of their journeys and maximizing their positive impact. The desire for environmentally responsible traveling will soon stretch out to affect all types of clients and all ways to travel. Upcoming generations are bound to be even more radical and destinations which do not comply with sustainable development may be excluded as destinations altogether.


Participation as the basis of our work

No matter what we do, our work is always based on the integration of different target groups, because sustainable strategies always require the knowledge and experience of the all people involved. For more than ten years we have been developing innovative online survey tools designed to reach local, regional and national target groups.


  • Use the experiences of your guests and the expectations of your future clients
  • Use the knowledge of the local people
  • Involve local and regional companies and service providers


Create sustainable concepts for success


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